As if 2020 hadn’t been difficult enough, now our face coverings are potentially causing us to breakout too. As masks continue to play an essential role in reducing the spread of the coronavirus, we share our tips on how to keep your skin happy and healthy while still wearing your face covering.

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Face masks: What’s the problem?

Suffering from maskne? You’re not alone. While common acne is often triggered by changes in hormones, acne mechanica is caused by something rubbing against your skin or trapped heat, meaning more and more of us have started experiencing breakouts now wearing a face mask has become mandatory. What was previously a common concern of athletes has now become a problem for us all as face coverings are irritating our skin, breaking down its barrier and clogging our pores.

How to avoid breakouts

When it comes to face masks, you want substance over style. Limiting any friction is key to avoiding breakouts, so choose smooth textures and breathable, natural fibres like cotton or silk. These should be lightweight and gentle enough even for sensitive skin.

The more you touch your mask, the more dirt and oil you’ll also transfer on to it and your face. Getting one that fits properly and you don’t need to regularly adjust can help to limit this though. Opt for either a custom-fit mask or one with adjustable ties, so that it’s not too tight and doesn’t rub.

Make sure to also wash your mask after every use with a non-irritating soap to remove any build-up of oil or dirt.

Skin-clarifying solutions to try

Cleansing thoroughly is just as important as cleaning your mask to avoid clogged pores and help maintain a healthy complexion.

Enriched with niacinamide, our CeraVe Foaming Cleanser is gentle and calming enough for sensitive skin and skin types that are prone to discomfort and imperfections. Its foaming action also negates the need for double cleansing once you take your mask off, meaning it soaks up oil without drying out your skin and damaging the barrier function or causing further irritation.

Salicylic acid helps to purify and refresh your skin, removing any dirt, oil or makeup that has managed to stay on under your mask. Our salicylic acid CeraVe SA Smoothing Cleanser gently exfoliates without compromising the skin’s natural barrier. It’s also enriched with hyaluronic acid and helps keep your skin hydrated and happy all-day long.

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