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How to create a luxury spa experience at home

After a busy week, creating an at-home spa experience can be just what the doctor ordered. Not only does it give you time to address those problem areas such as bumpy skin or cracked heels, it’s also a lovely opportunity to wind down and recover from a fast-paced day. So what are you waiting for? Find your favourite skincare and beauty products, light a candle and press play on your favourite music.

Here’s our top tips on making the most out of your relaxation time.

How to create a luxury spa experience at home

Relax tired muscles and smooth the skin with an exfoliating body lotion

A great way of getting your spa night off to the most relaxing start is with a bubble bath or warm shower. This will help your muscles to relax and prepare the skin on your face and body for the products you apply. Once your skin is patted dry, help to lock moisture in with a body moisturiser designed to target your concerns.

Our top product tip: CeraVe’s SA Smoothing Cream is formulated to smooth rough and bumpy skin with an exfoliating formula that contains Salicylic Acid, 10% Urea, and 3 Essential Ceramides. Non-greasy and fast-absorbing, it leaves the skin smoother without compromising the skin’s natural barrier.

How to create a luxury spa experience at home

Increase blood flow and aid relaxation with facial massage

Facial massage has been used for centuries as a simple way to relax the muscles in your face. It can also help to promote blood flow in the face, give your complexion a healthy glow and help to drain toxins from the face that can leave the skin looking flat and grey.

Our top product tip: One of the easiest ways of care for your face is by applying your usual serum and moisturiser such as CeraVe’s PM Facial Moisturising Lotion. End your routine with a nourishing eye cream, patted gently around the eye contour. CeraVe’s Eye Repair Cream helps the eye area to look brighter and more hydrated with 3 Essential Ceramides and Hyaluronic Acid.

How to create a luxury spa experience at home

Give your feet a little TLC with a foot cream or moisturiser

Our feet are often one of the most common areas of our bodies to be neglected, so a spa evening is a great time to give them the TLC they need. Exfoliate away dead skin with a foot file or pumice stone, before giving them a gentle massage and applying a nourishing moisturiser.

Our top product tip: CeraVe’s SA Renewing Foot Cream is formulated with 3 Essential Ceramides, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and Salicylic Acid to simultaneously exfoliate and moisturise the feet. Its fast-absorbing texture also helps to protect the skin’s natural barrier helping your feet to stay looking and feeling soft and supple.