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Why are my legs and arms so itchy?

Itchy skin on the arms and legs can be really unpleasant and particularly aggravating if you don’t know what’s causing it. So why does this happen and what can you to restore calm and happy skin?

There are many reasons why the skin on your arms and legs can itch, including medication, dry skin, insect bites, or irritation to household products such as washing detergent and cleaning products. Some people even find that stress and anxiety can cause their skin to itch. If itchy skin starts to become a regular occurrence, try to keep a diary of when it becomes most acute so that you can try to identify the cause. If you’re pregnant and your skin feels very itchy, this can be due to the skin stretching but if it becomes severe or constant, make an appointment to see your GP or midwife.

Cleanser for oily skin

How to soothe itchy arms and legs

Cleanser for oily skin

Soothing moisturisers and body lotions are the quickest way to help soothe the feeling of itchiness due to dryness on arms and legs. This can also make an itch-scratch cycle less likely, where you actually make the sensation worse and risk introducing bacteria to the skin. Apply moisturiser to your skin regularly throughout the day when the discomfort strikes.

Cream for itchy arms and legs

Cleanser for oily skin

When looking for soothing, moisturising creams for arms and legs, there are a few key ingredients to note. Ceramides can help to restore and protect the skin barrier which is vital for good skin health and retaining moisture. Meanwhile, Niacinamide can help to calm and soothe the skin.

CeraVe has a range of moisturising creams that are suitable for soothing skin on the body. Our Moisturising Cream for dry skin locks in moisture for up to 24 hours with 3 naturally occurring ceramides and Hyaluronic Acid – key ingredients for supporting the skin barrier and retaining moisture in the skin. Patented MVE® delivery technology also helps replenish ceramides and deliver controlled, long-lasting hydration. If you prefer a lighter texture, try CeraVe Moisturising Lotion. Apply your moisturiser of choice after bathing and again before bed.

It’s also important to try and wear soft, light and loose-fitting clothing when you feel very itchy as this can make things worse.